The premature bursting open of a wound along surgical suture line that results from poor wound healing or infection.

A cylindrical of mucosal tissue whose shape is supported by rings of cartilage and a tough membrane sheath, approximately 4 in (11.3 cm) long, that originates at the larynx. It extends to the fifth dorsal vertebra, where it divides at a point called the carina into two bronchi, one leading to each lung. SEE bronchi, trachea.

One can infuse through a catheter but aspiration (pull back) is occluded.

A term used to describe the effects of starvation; refers to protein and energy malnutrition.

Withdrawal Occlusion

White Blood Cells

Work of Breathing

Most disinfectants must be wet to be active. Therefore, if the label states a disinfectant is sporicidal in 30 minutes, the disinfectant must remain wet and in contact with the spores for that amount of time to be effective.

A circumscribed swelling of the skin, appearing as an urticarial (hive) lesion; slightly reddened, often blanched in the center, changing in size and shape, extending to adjacent areas, and usually accompanied by intense itching; produced by exposure to Type I allergenic substances in susceptible persons.

The watery part of milk remaining after separation of the casein.